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Cecaelian Frenchman with a penchant for Scouts and cigarettes. Commonly found in the sewers beneath 2Fort, this multi-limbed gentlemen is constantly on the hunt for a mate, oftentimes choosing a buck-toothed young man or, less commonly, a middle-aged German. Copulation usually involves some struggle, but the Tentaspy is built for this, with multiple tentacles made for lovin'. Once mating has been concluded, the Tentaspy may or may not snap the neck of, if not entirely devour, his mate, so that he leaves no evidence behind. Kinder Tentaspies may allow their partners to leave mostly unscathed, as they are believed to dislike wasting such a perfectly good piece of ass.
"If you're traversing the sewers and suddenly smell cigarettes and kalamari, you have most likely been spotted by a Tentaspy! Rape is imminent."
by UniqueScreenName November 12, 2009
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A highly attractive Frenchman, usually seen sporting both a suit and balaclava of red or blue color- occassionally black or another color. The lower half is unclothed, and instead is a writhing mass of tentacles. These beautiful creatures enjoy Australians, Bostonians, and the ocassional German for their own pleasures, and sometimes for the other man or mens' pleasure. Usually unable to go without water for extended periods of time. They exist within the Team Fortress 2 universe.
The tentaspy rose out of the sewers of its home to drag the other, panicking man into the water.
by TentaspyAttraction December 07, 2014
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