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1. An instrument that is superior in all ways to any other saxophones,
especially the alto. The ultimate sex machine, designed initially to woo ladies
and cause spontaneous pants removal, but later used in jazz music. The weapon
of choice for godly figures, like Thor and Mars.

2. An instrument that requires a hefty amount of hallucinogenic drugs to
generate the optimal improvisational solo.

3. A tool of great justice.
1. "Damn, Michael Brecker can do whatever the hell he wants to with a tenor

"Yeah, I bet he can feed hungry orphans with that thing."

2. "Dude, Coltrane must have been smoking something good when he played Giant
Steps, because these changes are fucking redonkulous."

3. " And then I foiled his evil plan with my Tenor Saxophone."
by A Very Saxy Man January 21, 2009
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