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A series of 3-36 drums. For Marching Band/Drum Corps usually when marching only 6 are used. Although on stage performances 36 can be mounted on stands. Also the best percussion kit ever. Generally weigh about 30 lbs. Occasionally referred to as "Quads" because of the 4 main drums used. Drummer, knowing they're limit knowledge don't know they are called Tenors.
Tuba player: "Look at that tenorline!"
Tenor sax player: "We only have 3 tenor saxes though..."
Middle School tenor player: "THER CALLED QUADS IDIOT!"
Tuba player: "No, because ther are up to 36 Tenor Drums and 'Quad' referres to 4."
by epikownage April 27, 2010
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The heaviest, most difficult percussion instrument in the marching band. Props to whoever’s director values them enough to put them on tenors. No freshmen allowed.
I’m thinking about trying out for the open tenor drum spot next year.
by That Awkward Moment June 27, 2018
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