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pronounced "teh nah jah"

feminine name

A woman of strong beliefs in right and wrong who is vocal when she feels an injustice has been done. Though often physically attractive she commands respect as a knowledgeable and caring person. Women with this name often possess a witty sense of humor that can border on overly sarcastic. Sassiness is part of her charm. Positions of authority suit her because of her strong sense of fairness, ability to communicate clear goals and lead others in the direction she believes is best. Loyalty is important to her. She will stand with those whom she hold dear to her until the bitter end, however she is cautious about allowing people to get close. An empathetic person, she sees into the hearts of others easily and relates to the pain of others well. Stubbornness and self doubt are also traits common to women of this name.
Tenaja is a great candidate for the supervisory position.
by Lovely1! November 17, 2011
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