Really Soft, A pushover, 5 times softer than 2 ply toilet paper.
Your girfriend won't let you have a couple of beers with the Boy's, you're Ten Ply Bud.
by Ron Hoover November 8, 2018
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an insult stated when all others ave been exausted, it can be considered both the best and worst at the same time. used as a substitute for stupid, unintelligent or weak, it is one of the least known canadian insults, as well as the worst.
"you're fucking ten ply bud"
by clouds_hate_you September 3, 2013
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Stupid, as in "thick as a board", but especially so. Plywood made of five layers ("five ply") is a normal thickness of board. So "ten ply" would mean *exceptionally* stupid, as in: as thick as a *ridiculously* thick board.
For lunch you had nachos, pancakes, and some edibles, and you wonder why you feel weird now? You're fucking ten ply!
by Klendathu_Jones April 9, 2016
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