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Musical genre created by Pinkninja- Techno and Emo hybrid
Yo this Temo is the shizz... Grandaddy rox
by Taylin April 28, 2005
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A stereotype of a person who has the persona of a Towny/Chav, who also dresses and acts like a massive Emo.
A typical Temo stereotype: "Look at that guy in his Towny jeans and Emo fringe, mixed with the stretched ear"
by DD Productions March 11, 2011
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Temo is a female, who doesn't own enough black clothing to be an actual Emo. other important qualities would include a husky voice (could be mistaken for a man on the phone), and the natural abiltiy to lead young innocent men astray. Temos by nature tend to be attention seekers, and if you are friends with one you will find it difficult to get a word in.
They also enjoy a drama and will create situations to ensure that they are in the centre. Also enjoys erotic wrestling.
person 1: I hear that you went out with Temo last weekend
person 2: shit yeah ended up in A&E with a cracked skull
by evil trio May 08, 2010
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