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ThE CrazY shiT u N sumOne ThinK aBouT at The SamE TimE!!
BrITT: Kelly
Kelly: BriTT
by caligente March 28, 2003
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What happens to one when one can't be arsed to change the channel.
Little Johnny lost the remote control to his television set. Since he's too lazy to get up and change the channel, he has telapathy.
by Carl Braganza September 04, 2003
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When you can read someone's mind, but you just don't give a shit what's in it. When the crap in someone's mind isn't even worth reading. When you wish you couldn't read the crap that was in someone's mind.
"That Sookie chic on True Blood is all telepathic an' shit, but she should be using her telapathy more often because the characters in that show are as slow as slugs."
by clever clara July 22, 2010
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A psychic's lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting.
The lady at the psychic hotline didn't care that I was going to die a horrible death at the hands of a polar bear. She's telapathetic.

Cruel, cruel telapathy!
by Jonathan D. Miller May 26, 2008
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