Typically a male who is interesting, smart, fun to be around, annoying at times, and fun to look at (wink wink).
Really Tekai, that's so weird lmao.
by Potato yeahh May 17, 2017
τε καὶ (te kaì) - A Classical Greek conjunction, translated literally as "and and." τε is post-positive, so it goes after the word it describes, and this is mainly used when the author forgot to say "and" at the start of the clause. May be slightly overused, and will get on your nerves.
tekai | τε καὶ | te kaì

...ἐγγὺς γὰρ νυκτός τε καὶ ἤματός... (Od. X.86)
by τε καὶ τε καὶ October 22, 2018
To find someone attractive, but to not be attracted to them.
"Oh ya, I think she's tekai."
by CosmicJC February 21, 2007