Latin for bored/boredom. English for an awesome ninja guy.
1. I'm in a state of tedium.

2. Holy shit i heard Tedium was a ninja.
by LahFonduh Shahneyney Deedra October 26, 2010
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In between 'Tall Smitties' (small titties) and 'Tig Bitties' (big titties) - switch the 'T' and the 'M' around and you have 'Medium Titties'
Guy 1: "Man, check out that G - she got some nice Tedium Mitties there!"

Guy 2: "Yeh, I'd love to lose my face in those!"
by Knightime June 9, 2010
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Tedium ad nauseam is the deathly boring combination of tedium (Latin for boredom) and ad nauseam (another Latin term used when something has been covered, explained, or talked about to the point of nausea ).
Cub reporter Gwyneth experienced a severe case of tedium ad nauseam when she was assigned by her newspaper to cover the speeches of Senator Harley "Windbag" Bottomsworth.
by beansforbreakfast July 20, 2019
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