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A person showing a dramatic case of social inadequacy by taking refuge in any kind of gadget, in order to avoid real life issues.
X: "How was the date with Nathan?"
Y: "Awful... the moron stayed glued to his cellphone all the time, even making out."
X: "What a lousy technoslave!"
by rperazag June 27, 2010
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In the world of BDSM and D/S (Domination & Submission) A technoslave is a submissive or consensual slave in the service of a Dominant Master or Mistress whose primary role is to worship his/her Dominant using his/her talents in all things technological, like webdesign, project management, online persona building, social media management and organization.
Miss Sher's Technoslave was a good bitch, using all his talents to make her website and twitter accounts popular by ensuring all her online social media and galleries across many technological platforms were organized to make His Mistress popular and bring her the adoration from many that she so deserves.
by Yes_Miss_Sher January 02, 2019
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