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Always mistaken for an African American name. However the name actually means flower in Cherokee. So this is actually a native American name. A Teasha is strong, can be independent, and doesn't let anyone take advantage of them. They are typically kind, but not a push over. Their love is powerful and sweet. Definitely a keeper.
1:Teasha is so sassy!

2: isn't she black!?

3: Nah, she native.
by TwistedFate December 19, 2016
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A generalized black girls name (LaTeisha or Teisha) with a white twist.
1: "Hey, it's Teasha."
2: "Dude, she's white..."
1: "Yeah, but it's spelled with an 'a'"
2: "Ohhhh..."
by OfficialRussian February 21, 2010
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