A Team composed of Winners who win non stop and are incapable of failure. Even if Team Win were to loose, (which never happens) they would still win.

With 69,000,000,000 WTD (Wins To Date) and a current PB of 6.9 seconds for flying backwards around the world, Team Win is quickly saving the world.
by stander 1 : "ohh my cat, shes stuck on the great wall of china!"
by stander 2 : Never fear, even though they reside on the other side of the world, Team Win will be here before you can blink!
by ACoupleOfWinners January 21, 2010
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Also known as TWJS, this is a highly contagious, and life threatening condition effecting the mental state of those who become infected. The desire to be like Team Win becomes so strong that it becomes a second nature. Symptoms include lengthy non intimidating Facebook status comments, living on a rock, lanky chicken legs and orange hair.

There is Currently no known cure, But Team Win is working on it.
by stander: "woah, that kids messed up! eh!?"
by stander 2: "shh, dude, hes got Team Win Jealousy Syndrome..."
by stander 3: "thats rough man, thats rough"
by ACoupleOFWinners! January 21, 2010
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When in a team for something in and you know your going to lose... use the team name 'team awesome wins'
'when it is read out it sounds like
'Team Awesome Wins (cheer) - Came Last'
by MissAwesomeWins July 22, 2009
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