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Team Instinct is the least populated team out of the three in Pokemon Go. They are usually referred to as lazy pansies who can't accomplish anything. Despite that, they are a team of strong trainers who give it their all. They are all about trusting your gut and letting a Pokemon's natural talent shine!
Their motto is : "There is no shelter from the storm"
"Bro, that gym over there is yellow! Team Instinct is in control of it!"
"Really?! Damn, it's rare to see them take over"
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by Ninja Dragoness August 18, 2016
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Team Instinct, aka The faction that nobody cares about.
Team Instinct sure are a bunch of forgettable, Pokéball sucking pansies.
by StirfriedBacon July 15, 2016
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Team Instinct, also know as Team Yellow, is one of the three teams you can pick when you reach level 5 in pokemon go. It is the smallest team according to online polls. Team Instinct is lead by Spark and their mascot is the equally disheveled legendary bird Zapdos.

Join Team Mystic
Wow you just reached level five are you gona join team instinct
Naw they are the least dominating team Ima go with team Mystic
by LunaDaPimp July 14, 2016
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