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A beautiful girl handcrafted very delicately. She understands and will listen to all you have to say and will respect your opinion. She is strong willed and is very determined. People notice her when she enters a room. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.
Everyone can be friends with Teaka, but she is my best friend.
by A2JMan June 10, 2009
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A wonderful nickname that means β€œbaby tigress.” Teaka is a woman who is shy, respectful and passive until angered. When she protects the people she loves, she does so ferociously like a mother tiger.

She is playful, loving and care-free. But she also loves to be in the presence of those who love her.

Teaka will always be my favorite β€œbaby tiger.”
Guy: β€œI love you Teaka”
Girl: β€œI love you too Buppy!”
by Jacksper May 13, 2018
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