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The word one uses when one gets tea-bagged, except by a girl. How it works is left up to the users sick imagination. More likely to be heard used over the internet, particularly X-Box Live.
KrAZyGIrll299: Yeah, get owned, sucka!

ThaaManlyMan: Shut up and make me a sandwich.

KrAZyGIrll299: What?! Oh, you're gettin' tea-vagged now!
by Ryan283 January 27, 2009
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The act of tea teabagging with a signification the teabagger is a female and thus making physical contact with their vagina, or vag for short.
This bitch keeps teavagging the whole team.
by S1N15T3R March 18, 2017
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The female equivalent of a teabag; the act of teavagging, to teavag.

When a female squats over the face inserting the labia into the mouth performing an up and down dunking motion usually while the recipient is sleeping.
My girlfriend gave her friend a teavag when she passed out at a party.
by Mittshat August 13, 2012
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