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When a headset on Xbox LIVE makes a high pitched sound and the user who is causing the noise can't hear it.
Tea kettle! If you can't hear it, it's you.
by JIV3 July 22, 2010
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When a male places his scrotum and/or testicles on a partner's nostrils, and the partner proceeds to blow air through said nostrils like the top coming off a tea kettle. (A high pitched screech from either person is optional)
Yo, that slut Denise gave me the steamiest tea kettle last night.
by Kendrick Paulson May 06, 2010
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The act of covering the tip of your dick with your thumb to hold back a load of cum. Then releasing your thumb and spraying the face of your partner.
I hope she has tissues, cuz i'm gonna teakettle that bitch.
by Frozen Shoulder October 02, 2014
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Where you place your balls in someone's mouth and then urinate into their eyes.
The other day, my roommate slept for 16 hours so I tea kettled his ass.
by 3rd Floor Seward September 24, 2006
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Noun; A women, generally small in stature, who is so attractive, she is "hotter than a tea kettle."

Can also be shortened to "Kettle", or if she is being refered to as part of a group and/or race, she can be called "Teakellian."
I met a bunch of tea kettles at the club last night.

One of her friends was beat, but the other was a little kettle.

This girl's ass was speaking teakellian to me last night.
by Encore21 July 19, 2010
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A lawyer that sings pornographic love songs in a falsetto voice.
Stop being a teakettle! I hate hearing songs about bum bums and beavers!
by Zoozaphone April 25, 2006
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