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The most amazing and cutest guy you'll ever meet. He's funny, smart, a great listener, and he will never upset you.
Wow that Tayven guy is really awesome
by Fabulousassbitch September 29, 2016
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A guy who is immature and annoying. Tayvens can be spoted in there natural habitat with man buns, and might even have the sides of it shaved off for a permanent man bun experience. He’s a jerk, but like he’s cute so it’s different. His friends are annoying, and kind of popular. The girl he likes knows he likes her.
Billy: Hey, who is that “Tayven” guy?
Jimcarious: oh he is really Annoying but he likes me it’s kinda obvious
by Thanos_Is_A_Bagel April 29, 2019
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