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She is a loyal companion but she is barely around others.she is an introvert to other and herself.she doesn’t express herself to others because she knows no one cares.she is a very weird girl,she’s or if this world..but no one realizes.they just see a friend or a best friend.she very awkward and lonely at times.she always keeps her feeling bottled up for a reason. :(
Person 1#:”have you ever realized how that girl is always so lonely?”
Person 2#:”yeah she really a Taynet isn’t she”
by Intovert_tiny May 31, 2018
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The ugliest girl ever in earth who thinks she’s the shit when she ain’t shit she backstabs everyone every boy that dates her felt / feels bad for her
Alex:Taynet is so annoying

Angel:yea don’t forget ugly
by Jesus Reyes May 31, 2018
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