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A beautiful, smart, kind girl who is very respectful and pretty but tends to perseverate and go on and on about a subject that everyone stopped caring about 10 minutes ago. Takes a long time in front of the mirror to get ready, but once she walks out the door she is a confident, strong woman
Dude, I wanna hang out with Taylour today
by honutattoo September 26, 2010
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A weirdo that always asks the most retarded questions, but has the best intentions. She's pretty, and funny. And, she's great to be around. But, you better watch yourself. She likes big black booty bumpin' and she ain't afraid to snap in a Z formation. mmmhhhm girl. Get it.
That Taylour! She's always after me lucky charms.
by omgheygirlhey December 06, 2010
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