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Taylia is a very uncommon name, but it's exotic and sexy as hell, just like her ;). She's beautiful and intelligent. Taylia's can get very nerdy when certain subjects pop up, Star Wars for example. She has a heart of gold and a face of stone. Although she may look agitated 24/7 she's really sweet and caring. If you find a taylia hold on tight. She's quite the ride. She aims to please her men and isn't afraid to try new things. Taylia holds great confidence. Follow in her lead.
"Did you see Taylia?"
"Yeah bro!"
"Wish I could tap that."
by Crazy_randomnesss July 30, 2016
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A young girl who is attracted to young men, most likely high school sophomores that are 6' tall and weigh less than 150 pounds. A girl named Taylia is frisky, so be careful.
Dang, Taylia threw a grand slam last night with the guys.
by Taylia'sBoy August 12, 2016
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