A strong loyal woman who puts her child and man before anyone else. Her love is unconditional and unwavering. She is bold, courageous, calm and nurturing.
Boy oh boy, I sure wish I had me a Tawnya!
by Sherlock Toots February 24, 2020
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the hottest girl in the whooole wide world
tawnya s. haha
by it haha September 24, 2003
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a beasty chick thats really hott
shes totally a tawnyae
by paige3246 October 17, 2010
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Tawnya is the finest thing I ever done see. She is amazing and funny and checks all the damn boxes. Tawnya is a women that is extremely easy to fall in love with. If you ever meet this type of Tawnya, you better be careful because you will fall harder than my Shiba coin has in the last few days.
Man, I sure wish I could find myself a Tawnya. That Charles sure is a lucky bastard!
by hunghorseman November 23, 2021
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