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To be a large woman. A woman of large mass. A woman that orders a double cheeseburger with an extra large order of fries, and a DIET coke.
Will, do not make contact with that girl, she is a taterhog and you have your beer goggles on!
by Mike Yo! January 01, 2006
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A tater hog is an overweight woman, who eats a lot of potato chips.

She can have feet odor, a kitchen full of unwashed dishes and an uncleaned catbox. Usually this woman smokes copious amounts of weed and injects meth to "keep her figure" which only causes her to gain more weight.

The tater hog is a huge slut, who will have sex with any guy she can find who is in the carnival and will give her potato chips.

She is usually married to a guy, who looks like Doug Henning and is severely undernourished. The tater hog often uses her husband as a human punching bag after demanding sexual bondage and/or anal intercourse.

May be found sporting a Tazmanian Devil tattoo or TAZ underneath her belly and above her vagina.
Wow that tater hog went down to the Santicaligon Days celebration and ate at least three bags of potato chips. Then she made out with the guy, who was supposed to be operating the ferris wheel.
by Stoned 420 August 17, 2007
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bob: "check out that chick over there, man she's is fine..,"

jerry: "that fuckin taterhog?? What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?"
by amillionwords May 04, 2005
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