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A guy, that just wants to have fun... Even though he's always positive and happy, he's hiding all of his emotions...
He's always anxious, he feels worthless, he feels empty and dead inside, he's gloomy and bored almost all the time, he feels rejected and feels like a failure to everyone, He's emotionally fragile, and he feels like everyone hates him, He even hates himself... but he's still positive, optimistic, and acts chill and calm. If anything, he's a turtle hiding in an almost broken shell full of optimism, under that shell is a weak, hopeless, stressful, anxious, depressed, and failure waiting to die. He's waiting for a friend who can accept him and help him, in times of need, he wants a friend who wants to listen to him and all his problems, he wants a friend who can get him through a hard time, he needs a friend like that...

He is the one person who needs someone, he feels like a nobody, he wants to be noticed, and he wants to be appreciated... He is me, and I am Him.
Boy 1: Hey look at the new kid, Tasvir! He looks so happy, let's ruin his dreams...

Boy 2: I think I wanna be friends with him!

Boy 1: Are you serious? He looks so happy already! He probably has no friends anyways, so go ahead.
by Taz, that one guy March 01, 2019
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not only the collest but the smartest kid in the world
tasvir is so smart and cool
by Penis Bot April 12, 2005
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