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There is simply only one way to sum up an “Tasniim”. That is simply a chicken, no not a scaredy cat. For she is not afraid of many thing, but a chicken physically, and mentally. She has made a strong connection with the organism of the name of chicken. For we shall not feel mad, confused nor regret, but open minded to your “chicken”, thoughtfull, and we shall all imbrace our friend/enemy/partner/etc. asnwho they are. They are the chicken. They are a sly lying chicken.
Guy1: wow. That is odd
Guy2: well it’s a Tasniim

Guy1: *nods head* yes, that would make sense
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The highest and most beautiful girls,she's also very funny,she's most likely having family issues and she's often depressed when she's alone but never tells anyone and it is never a good idea to leave her in own thoughts.Never get fooled by a Tasniims looks because she is a very strong person u should never mess with one.
Guy: hey lil mama u fine, can I tap that ass

Tasniim:(turns around and punches the guys out) Anyone else want s to compliment me.
by Mike 88929 April 09, 2017
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