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(adj.) (verb) -ed, -ing.

A state of narcotic inebriation when the user is no longer capable of healthy decision making.

1. The uncontrollable yearning to do more cocaine, or several other substances.

2. An individual who went on a night long bender high on cocaine, or several other substances.

3. Acting unconscionable due to a temporary state of paranoia.
"I sold all of my valuables for more coke because I was tazing."

"I tarzed out last night because there was no more cocaine."

"What's up tarz."
by Vin64 January 06, 2012
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a statement made in contempt, of another's obvious skills. Especially if one party has recently questioned the sexual preference of the other. I need not be skills that are obviously present, but rather the inborn knowledge that one part could trounce the other in some respect. This is a comment made by desperate nancies, men who should not be held as men any longer. The utterance of this statement starts a process in which the penile region of a normal man is turned into a useless fleshy patch, disgusting by any means. Take heed normal men in society this affliction can be quickly spread and is incurable with todays medicine.
A week after he told me i tarz, he was completely with out genitalia.
by raymundus January 28, 2008
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