A beautiful and helpful person. Who loved living life in their own way. She find happiness in everything . Love and joy are her thing.
Tree means taru in hindi language.
by Guufhe c November 25, 2021
The finnish word/name meaning ''Legend, Myth, Fiction''.
Se mitä hän sanoi on taru.
What he said is fiction.
by TaruTime February 9, 2018
Suprisingly hot person inside and outside but maybe too crazy to handle. Like their name, also the person is usually tiny/short. Taru likes to do risky things and can't be responsibility :( It's always fun to hang out with Taru but they can be different in every situation. Hard to tell what kind of person Taru really is...so be careful!
Taru, do you wanna go to party with me? "Oh I'm already here!zkdkdKwksö Come"
by tarus own therapist November 22, 2021
Short magical creatures with unproportional small arms and legs and an unnaturally large head, They are normally seen doing the /panic motion in exchange for gil.
Awwwwww Look at Odyne! she is the cutest taru taru ever!
by Kigami August 25, 2004
Shortened name for the race of short, magiclly gifted people, the Taru Taru. Made famous by the great merchant Starlet of Kujata.
"The taru are known for their talent with magic."
by Zod January 1, 2004
Usually a nice, loyal, and all-around standup guy who is really good to his friends and almost always seems to be in high spirits. He spends most of his time working; when he is not working, he is playing video games. Everyone around him thinks he is some kind of God at videogames that is better than everyone else. His friends all think that he shits gold and walks on water and his little cup just runneth over with unmatched and unprecedented skill despite the fact he has been waxed on numerous occasions. He is a Class-A weeaboo who glorifies animes like Naruto and Dragonball but doesn't give the proper respect to bangers like HxH and SAO. He is quite uncultured; he has never seen G.O.A.T.'s like Beetlejuice, Labyrinth, or The Dark Crystal, and he will refuse to watch any great movie or show that you recommend to him. He is generally quite easy to talk to, but do not ask him any questions because he will seldom answer them. He will only laugh at you when you confront him about it. He often laughs for reasons he will not disclose (or for no reason at all) and will laugh even more when you ask him why he is laughing. He is also a homophobe and will get on your ass anytime you mention anything that he deems to be classified as "gay shit", which is ironic because his favorite song is Bodak Yellow.
Person 1: "HAHAHA."
Person 2: "...Why are you laughing?"
Person 2: .....
Person 2: *mutters under breath* "What a fucking Tarus."
by Reclaimer0 January 12, 2018
used to express agreement, like true, but much cooler and expresses more emotion.
Person A: "He looks really dumb doing cartwheels"
Person B: "OH TARUE!!!"
by dcdudeclonmu February 8, 2011