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Tarique is generally a good person and is very intellegent. He sometimes hurts people without the realisation of it but when he does realise it he apologises isn't cocky or arrogant. Tarique attracts women with his charm and good looks. He is an amazing friend and never let's another friend down. He enjoys the attention from the ladies but when is in a relationship stays faithful but he doesn't limit himself to just one person.
I wish I had Tariques charm
by carramelo bear July 16, 2011
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Asshole, doesn't give a shit about your feelings nor wants to be your friend so keep your fucking distance. If you think you mean something to him you're either real close to him or you're high off your stupid fucking ass.
Why's that guy by himself all the time?
Oh he's Tarique, it's in your best interest to avoid him.
by skizzer00 October 31, 2017
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