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Taquan is a kind and generous person but don't get on his bad side he sticks up for people and he doesn't think about the things that he do most of the times but besides that he's a good person when he is calm.
My mom pulls a Taquan when she gets her money.
by Spiderman 101 March 06, 2017
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Taquan is fictional character like Daquan.
Taquan is Daquan's older brother who got his name from being a Taekwondo master. Taquan started "moving bricks" (selling cocane) when his basketball career went down. Now Taquan got himself a squad sellin white bricks from the trap to pay for Daquan's child suport
White girl: "Mom, I think Daquan got me pregnant."
White mom: "How is he going to help pay for the baby?"
White girl: "It's ok mom, Daquan's brother Taquan can help pay for child suport!"
White mom: "How does he make money?"
White girl: "Duh, he sells bricks in the trap with his squad"

White girl: "Daquan those gangters gonna kill us!"
Daquan: "Naw, my bro is a Taekondo master, he'll protect us."
by Fatty wob December 17, 2014
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stupid person with no common sense and no hometrainning at all he so crazy but a boy who smoked and in the 7th or in the 8th
taquan is so nasty
by taquan April 03, 2015
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Taquan will ger girls wet,hes fine asf.hes a freak in the sheets.Makes you scream Daddy in the bed.
by Z gzhbzrh nzj October 27, 2018
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