Takiya is an amazing person every time you look at her you can’t stop she’s such a beautiful person and people always want to be her friend and she always puts People needs before her own and all the boys at her school always be looking at her and be like I wonder what I would be like to date her!❣️ But once you betray her she never comes back to you and she ignores you every time you try to say something because she very loyal and hard to get but she very easy to trust😇and do fine lookin because people be drooling every time they see her🤤🤤

men: you see that girl over there she so fine lookin. I just wanna have her
Taqiya’s beautiful last name
by Matchalatte November 23, 2021
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A denial of religious belief in the face of severe persecution.

Ex: I put a gun to a Muslim's head and say, "become a Christian or I'll kill you." He lies and pretends to be a Christian to get away.

Often used by Islamophobic Americans who think Muslims want to take over the world and kill everybody, but since this has no evidence to back it up, they just claim all 1.8 billion Muslims in the world are collectively lying in sync, like a giant robot network. Sadly, Islamophobes haven't yet realized they're in fact the robots, and Islamophobia is a multi-billion dollar industry (Google "Islamophobia network").

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Islamophobia, please call your local mosque and schedule a visit. Ignorance is dangerous to society.
Muslim: The majority of Muslims hate ISIS. They're prophesied in hadith sources (YouTube "The Crisis of ISIS") and rejected by both Sunnis and Shias, and were propped up by the United States as a failed proxy against Bashar al-Asad (Google "EcoWatch Syria another pipeline war").

Right-winger: One word. Taqiya.

Muslim: That's simply what you resort to whenever you have no legitimate argument. If the entire world is practicing taqiya, why are so many opposed to ISIS? Why have so many Muslims stood up against terrorism, such as Michael Neeki, Imran Yousuf, and Lassana Bathily, among many others? Several thousand have served in the US military as well, and fought alongside our forces abroad.

Right-winger: (sweating) uhh... uhh... taqiya! Trump will kick out all the Muslims!

Muslim: Muslims have been here for centuries. Even the founding fathers owned Muslim slaves, Google "Islam on Mt Vernon."

Right-winger: (Shuts down, runs away to safe space).
by gmc19d December 22, 2017
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