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Takiya is an amazing person every time you look at her you can’t stop she’s such a beautiful person and people always want to be her friend and she always puts People needs before her own and all the boys at her school always be looking at her and be like I wonder what I would be like to date her!❣️ But once you betray her she never comes back to you and she ignores you every time you try to say something because she very loyal and hard to get but she very easy to trust😇and do fine lookin because people be drooling every time they see her🤤🤤
Brooklyn:you see that girl over there she so fine lookin I just wanna have her🤤

Daveigha:yea that has to be a takiya
by Daveigha September 16, 2018
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Cold hearted Scorpio , but at the same time has feelings but act like she doesn't . Cares about others around her , can hold a grudge for a while . Has anger issues but still maintains to act nice .
by Kiyaa.h July 27, 2017
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