The act of getting with the brothers of Kappa Sigma. It is a term used when awesome girls just want to hang out with some of their favorite Kappa Sigma boys. Unlike Pike-Bikes, these Tappa Kappa's are legit and are not infested with STD's and what not. Plus, Tappa Kappa's are super cool. Can be used reversibly as well, Kappa Tappa. Word to your mothers.
Kyle Ash-Cey: I'm going to Tappa Kappa.
Mike Etse: You already did. HAHA.

Kyle Ash-Cey: I'm a Kappa Tappa.
Mike Etse: We all are, we all are.
by hearts in july May 02, 2008
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This term is used to define a girl who has been with 5 or more Kappa Sigmas. It is crucial in using this term to make sure the "Tappa" has corraled over 5 brothers in her tenure. See other such terms to define ladies who have only begun their interest in KS's or have been with less than 5 in their career.
KS Bro #1: Hey man, did you know Lisa (fake name) hooked up with T. Scott yesterday?

KS Bro #2: Yeah man, doesn't that make 5?

KS Bro #3: Yeah Bro, she's an offical Kappa Tappa!
by The Poopetrator May 19, 2009
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