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Tanvir means Strength and the Sun.

The uncommon name Tanvir is a baby boy name. The baby name Tanvir originated as an Indian name. In Indian, the name Tanvir means- enlightened.
The Punjabi meaning for this name is brave and strong in body.

He carries a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders.
He has the mind set of showing the world what he is capable of doing.
He is 1 in a million.

The sum of alphabetical order of letters in TANVIR is 84 and this makes TANVIR arithmetic buddies with words like Politic, Amusing, Useful, Informed.
by tanvir11 November 30, 2010
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Daddy material especially if they are from Jersey. Penis size is usually 6-8 inches just like that snow storm. Commonly used as a penis size reference.
I really want a Tanvir inside of me right now.
by Sally69.69.69 May 08, 2017
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A Turbanese sex god that is only available to his view and only his view. He and is maharaja love the man known as Kawhi Leonard. He is known as the most powerful cyborg in the world due to the immense power of his TURBAN. he is fluent is the ooodi ooodi language, thus his catchphrase is Gadung gadung.
'Gadung Gadung' the wild Tanvir said to Kawhi
via giphy
by Alen Joseph's biatch May 05, 2019
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A Asian guy that’s a bit Dopey and has roblox fingers. Funny but sassy. Sometime he may like it from the back. Only sometimes.
He’s such a Tanvir
by Shrekittaxox June 06, 2018
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A high bag that can't walk straight for more than 5 seconds, a fudu that sucks off people who will burn him up
by jashan long penis June 13, 2018
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