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She's short, cute and beautiful. She's emotional sometimes! But overall, she's a nice person. She's caring BUT SHE WILL CHOP OFF YOUR LEGS IF YOU'RE MEAN to her or anyone she loves. She's also friendly and somewhat confident.
1: Tanisi is the sweetest girl I've ever met!
2: Yeah, but she's kickass too!
by tonocityy June 26, 2017
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A girl with the most beautiful eyes on earth. It is next to impossible to find a friend like her. She's really cute and sensitive too.

She cries but not in front of everyone. She may have many problems but she'll hide it .
A God gifted girl who no one can get until n unless she herself wants to be with the one.

Girls name tanisi are beautiful ,pretty nice wants to be a model or likes modelling.

If you met a girl like her, get a friend like her and a life partner like Tanisi what else do you want? .
Tanisi means a God gifted girl ,lovely and a pure soul .
Tanisi :She is as good as a girl or anyone in this world could be.
by Shuklasiddhant January 10, 2018
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