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Tanae is a very talented person, who can come across as attention seeking sometimes, because she wants everyone to like her. she is very trustworthy and probably know how you are from the first glance. she is so beautiful on the inside and outside. she rarely cries unless it's serious so if you see a Tanae crying ask what's wrong you will generally be shocked.
by your_beautifulbabe May 07, 2018
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A smart , beautiful girl , that has a warm heart , she is very emotional Sometimes , she want all the attention on her , she is very nice but mean when she wants to , last but not least she loves when people vent to her , because she loves to help other people .
Tanae is a really Good friend.
by Naee minaj July 16, 2017
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Otherwise known as 'Vance', 'Sybil' or 'Farquad', Tanae is often found on the cover of newspapers in articles pertaining to the cold blooded locking of innocent doors. This CREATURE is not to be trusted no matter how convenient he is to use as a tool to measure with. Not to be confused with the commonly known unit of measurement the (Tanae)...coincidentally Tanae is one Tanae tall....

It should be known Tanae is currently wanted for bushrangering with his criminal mastermind Tomorrow Man
Is that Tanae?
Measure him!
Yep thats Farquad alright!
by MooseMachine July 14, 2010
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