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A girls name meaning - Innocents, and Perfection.
Tamytha's, often called Tamy for short, are naturally beautiful (inside and out) along with having a sixth sense in fashion that is very diverse but uniquely there own. Tamytha's having been through plenty of life experiences learnt from them to become a better person. Tamytha's are as rare as their names. A Tamytha is a kindhearted and honest person earning eve,ryone's love that is lucky enough to meet her. She is one that will tell you her honest thoughts and insights on things. If you are lucky enough to find a Tamytha it is recommend that you hang on to her.
Scott: Man, i met this girl today, she was so sweet and cool, i think she might almost be a Tamytha.

Derek: Wow, are you sure man, not just anyone can be as amazing as a Tamytha.
by angelicwhimpers February 03, 2010
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