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A baseball franchise that continues to struggle despite bringing in Lou Piniella to manage the team for three seasons. For some reason professional franchises in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area have a difficult time setting a precedent for winning (e.g. Buccaneers and Lightning). Although this appears to be the case, both the Buccaneers and the Lightning won championships. The Devil Rays have the lowest payroll and will continue to have a difficult time winning on account of this as well as the management being ideal about the future. The Devil Rays will surpass the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates in the next few seasons, and could put together 70 wins depending on how well the youth progresses and whether or not an identity is established. Mind you the Devil Rays do play in one of the more difficult divisions. They were never blessed with much luck initially.
I really like the new Tampa Bay Devil Rays look, but I am not sure if they can pull together a .500 season. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...
by Eddie Ewing October 01, 2005
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MLB team in St. Petersburgh , Florida. Stadium: Tropicana Field.

The Devil Rays exist for 3 reasons:

1. So that peolpe living in Florida who are origionaly from other states can see their team play in person without having to travel back to their home city.

2. So that other MLB teams can get some easy wins now and then

3. So people in the Tampa area would finaly stop bitching about not having an MLB team
1. He's origionaly from Cleveland, but he lives in Fort Meyes. He sure is glad he can still see the Tribe play by just driving up to Tampa.

2. If the Red Sox are going to make up some ground, they'll need some easy wins. It's a good thing they have a 4 game series vs the Tampa Bay Devil Rays next week!

3. Can you believe that Tropicana Field was built many years before the Devil Rays existed, because the Tampa area wanted an MLB team. Well they finaly got one, too bad it sucks.
by osu fan August 21, 2006
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1.A team that will never win a championship.

2.A team that can barely win a game period.
by Trust August 27, 2003
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