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Tamica is the must beautuful girl i ever saw and anyone who see her would want her as bad as me.
Tamica do you have a boyfriend?
by Badboy 05 January 13, 2005
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She is typically brunette.She may appear shy and timid at first but once you get her talking she won't stop.She is just a ball of randomness.Her smile is enough to brighten your day and her laugh forces you to join.She might seem oblivious and crazy but she is the wisest person you'll ever meet and is always willing to listen.Or to just make you laugh.She is generally adorable and sweet maybe even flirty and nerdy.She claims she doesn't blush but does it anyway.The freckled ones with glasses will know how to make you feel loved.
See that girl over there laughing for no reason? Yeah that's Tamica.
by whispergoddd June 09, 2017
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