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a tameron is usually (always a guy). He is really funny and shy. once you get to know him you get to know how dangerous and crazy he can be!!! He is the most fun person to be around and is cute!! People think tameron is so awesome that they follow him and copy his ideas!! Tamerons are usually masters when it comes to computers like making videos for youtube or google or websites like never know the next thing a tameron might do they are unpredictable BUT AWESOME!!! tamerons usually have girls all over them but they never know it. they can be so nice they never say mean things to people or try to hurt their feelings but if they do they feel bad for it. tameron is the FUNNIEST GUY YOU WILL EVER MEET and never care what other people say.
random guy: dude you are so fucking weird!!

the tameron: but i am AWESOME so just stfu

rabdom girl: yeah just stfu "i got ur back tameron!!"
by ttttttttwhat?? May 12, 2011
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