1. (noun) A woman that is short, sweet, cute, sexy and beautiful.
2. (verb) To smite those that talk shit about you in an extremely aggressive way.
3. (adj) Used to describe someone as being short, sweet, cute, sexy, and beautiful.
(noun): Oh my god, she is such a Tamarah!
(verb): Damn, she really Tamarah'ed those assholes!
(adj): That's a Tamarah girl if I ever saw one!
by SmittyMan September 20, 2008
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She’s a sexy wonder amazing lady all the dudes runnin for her n want her. she doesn’t know her beauty but we do. She’s got amazing body and beautiful all the way around.
“Geezzzzz Man, you see tamarah never seem a better looking girl I’ve seen”
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Tamarah is a fake friend. She thinks she’s the queen and runs the place but she doesn’t. She bossy. And always get herself in some stuff. She makes you do things. And when people stands up to her she feels salty. When you run into a Tamarah runnnn
Oh no that’s a Tamarah runn
by Knife July 19, 2017
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