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A character from the ever-so-growing-in-popularity manga and anime series, Sgt. Frog(Known in the anime version as Keroro Gunso or Sergeant Keroro)
Tamama is the youngest member of the Keroro platoon(Comprised of Keroro, Geroro, Kuroro and some ninja guy I forgot the name of.. But he kinda quit the platoon to hang out with some lesbian ninja chick, so it doesn't really matter...)
Tamama has a split personality, and can go from super cute, cuddly tama-chan to a psycopathic paranoid lunatic in less than a second when angered.
One of his attacks is a sort of death ray that shoots out of his mouth, which usually initiates in his psycopathic lunatic mode.
He also seems to have romantic feelings for his platoon leader, Sergeant Keroro("Mister sergeant sir!! <33") which, of course, Keroro is completely oblivious to.
He also hates Angol Moa's guts. Because she has a crush on Keroro, which, it seems, Keroro is ALSO completely oblivious to. At one point Tamama tried to break her confidence by putting her through useless training to "become worthy of sergeant-san."
Though, Keroro ended up coming along just as Tamama was about to kill the biz-atch. Then Tamama got pissed at Keroro and cried/crushed him under a giant "disguise" suit he was wearing to fool Moa... Poor, poor Tamama-chan...
(Tamama to Keroro)"Just what you'd expect from the moral man Sergeant-san! I'm attracted to that!"

(Tamama to Moa)"I will not let you have MY SERGEANT-SAN!!"

Moa is a stupid Kogal... DIIIIEEEEE....

by Tamerica March 23, 2006
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