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A singluar term that refers to a supernatural/mythical being, the most common depiction of Tallus can be seen in Call of Duty or even in the Star Wars Battlefront. He exists to bring groves of Shattered Legions together to battle evil dominions of noob clans, faeries, dwarves, sprites, ubbys, and mossies, although it is used mainly for an online beings, rarely is it used to describe noobs. This supernatural being is known for losing his cool during battles when losing, then belittling his clan until they rise up and defeat there enemies. Leadership by a Tallus often leads to victorious battles no matter his methods.
Leader,smelly cod fish,captain ownage,captian,king

Our Tallus led us to victory during our recent battles in the teamwarfare league.
by [SL]Tallus August 05, 2009
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