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The Lord, King, God, TiTan, Master, ect.. of all ownage and pre-ownage(pwnage)on online multiplayer games that involve severly deafeating a human player to the degree that they should be embarrased, angry, or emotionally destroyed,or in some cases suicidal. Some of these games include: Halo 2, World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, and StarWars Battlefront 2 just to name a few. Captain Ownage is known as someone that ALL human and CPU players fear with there life and know not to fuck with because the player will get Obliterated(delete, rub off, erase, reduce to nothingness)or otherwise owned! and sometimes pwned! He is also known as sort of the legend of all gamers alike. No one can touch his skills and no one will ever defeat him, he is your new god. Many will try to talk shit and many will try...but, many(I mean ALL) will die. All noobs will bow down and suck on his weiner and want to know his secrets, but he won't tell, he'll just own them for their curiousity.
Me...God,....whoever you think fits the description? Ex. OMG i just completely raped that dude did you see his health drop
? what a nub...captain ownage!

usage of the word captain ownage is noobs reffering to him as their god...sort of like a exclamation or expression after owning someone.
by S Spak May 23, 2007
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