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Talise is known as a super pretty girl. And a hardworker at everything. Everyone loves her. Talise is amazing
Talise is a stud!
by Talise June 29, 2017
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Talise is a very beautiful name that is not very common. Talise usually means a girl with a big booty or ginormous boobs.
dude 1: She got a big booty!
dude 2: yup her name's Talise.
by missyaiyana May 14, 2011
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Talise is a caring person who will do anything to help someone. She will always support you in every decision you make. She maybe cute but she can be a physco if you hurt any of her friends. She has the biggest heart. No matter how much you hurt her she will always forgive because she thinks everyone deserves chances and chances again. She is a loyal girl and loving girl so if you ever get a chance with a Talise don’t wreck it xx
Guy 1 ~ dude I heard what u did to Talise !

Guy 2 ~ I know , I feel terrible..

Guy 1 ~ well I’ve spoken to her and she said she doesn’t care how much you’ve hurt her she just wants you back

Guy 2 ~ I can’t ive been such a dick to her !

Guy 1 ~ Yeah you have !

Guy 2 ~ Hey Talise

Talise ~ omg , I missed you so much !

Guy 2 ~ but I ...

Talise ~ i don’t care , I love you and I want u back !

^^ Talise is too forgiving and that’s bad !
by I got secrets 🤫 x April 12, 2019
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