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Taldykorgan, also known as Taldy-Kurgan or Taldyk, second largest city in the state of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The city of Taldykorgan is mainly famous for nothing, except for hot and brave guys form it. The population of the city itself is about 130.000 people. The population of metropolitan area, which includes small villages like "Otenai" among youth known as "Kotenai" and the other village "Yerkin", is 150.000+/-50 people. It has uncertainty of +/"-"50 people, because of constant wars between Otenai - West Side and Yerkin - halfly East Side. As a result of inconsistent behavior and appearance, resident of Otenai and Yerkin are not considered as Taldykorganian.
-Have you heard of that guy, who kicked ass of a whole soccer team?

-Yeah, obviously he is from Taldykorgan.
by olzhik_chicago February 20, 2011
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