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An amazing 6 foot and 2 inches tall YouTuber (Reaction Time) who always makes my day , i watch his videos at the end of everyday , it's a daily routine, he has damn beautiful blue eyes that rocks my entire world, my love for him is indescribable
Friend : "Oh look it's Tal Fishman"
Me: *Dies then comes back to life*
by Arwalovestøp May 10, 2018
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Gorgeous American Youtuber Tal fishman lives in CAyoutube channel name Reaction TimeReact on vid been suggested by us & popular vid or wreid websites Having 8 million sub just in 3-4 years.
Best reaction in every vid (for Me he's most funny vid was chinesse guy looking for girlfriend) Every vid had upto 1 million views...He's so funny ,cute when he crack jokes it's impossible not to laugh. Cool,handsome,good-looking & his smile Sooo cute, perfect straight teeth & blah blah blah....having too beautiful blue-green eye...Than Nash grier bloody dull blue eye.
Before his reaction channel he does funny vid with he's brother Adi Fishman he's also too attractive sometimes he's eyes change color like brown then sometimes hazel mostly in his instgram photos he's eyes look hazel but when he's is in vid his eyes look brown ....."opps Sorry i need to tell about Tal"
So he's so great youtuber much more better good than any other reacting channel . His other channel name is Free time where he make vid with his bunch of friends & brother. Sometimes his brother & 2 bestfriends Anthony & michael collab in his vids his friends 're also funny But....they don't look so good...maybe you can call them ugli but not so ugli.
And the main point......

He's actually tall like 6'2 tall & also have girraf neck.
Fan: you'r pretty tall Tal fishman.
Tal: yeah i know.
by #im jealous of you. May 19, 2018
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Tal Fishman is a youtuber who is 6 ft 2 and incredibly handsome. He also has a Brother, Adi Fishman, who is very much like his older brother, HANDSOME.
His Instagram is @talfishman
Someone: Ewwww... Tal Fishman is sooooo ugly
by Tunip123 June 17, 2019
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