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Taive is a beautiful girl who is very intelligent, witty, and is a fire ball. Taives are typically very funny and are a lot of fun to be around. They have lots of friends and are a good friend to everyone, but they aren't afraid to tell people exactly how they feel bout them. When it come to love Taives are very shy but they love deeply. They also tend to be very athletic.
hooker prostitute fadouche cheap bimbo carny slut large bossum nerd outcast sleazy creeper beotch Taive
by yourfantasy78 January 08, 2011
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Taive is known as a take charge kind of gal! This woman can hustle with th best of em! Not only is she smart and sassy—not trashy; she is genuine, loving, and fun. She doesn’t shy away from a seemingly impossible task—she takes it head on! She is a fighter who fights for those she loves and stands up for what’s right. She enjoys bubble baths, weaving her cat’s fur into purses, and singing karaoke. Taive also enjoys learning, listening to loud music, dancing like a white girl, and being with her family. Taive also is a huge fan of sea food, and eating granola whilst round a camp fire! Basically, she’s a sexy BA and you skitches can hate on!
“You see that girl over there?”
Yes, a girl of that perfection can only be a Taive!”
by SkitchesBh8n! October 16, 2018
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