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A pretty, classy girl who likes to have fun with friends and is not afraid to live on the wild side. She is very nice and unique. She dresses in a style that's classy but casual and can do much better then a mean ginger.
"Do you know Taite?"
"Yeah! Don't mess with her! she'll use crazy mind games on you cuz shes so smart!"
by the keeks March 17, 2012
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A hot ass teen that you either hate or love Has millions of friends. Is a total dick to dicks he never shuts up and wins any fight of insults. Most annoying person ever and loves f***ing with you
"Man that guy is so annoying "
"I know he's such a Taite "
by Taito fredrickton December 04, 2017
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taite: a middle aged man who lives with his parents and sponges off them. spends a lot of time watching movies such as dumb and dumber and drinks with people half his age.
may also be known as a van weilder. enjoys partying hard.
hes what age??? and he is still at home?? he is such a taite!
by diddy dumkins February 04, 2010
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