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An individual who strongly resembles a kerchief (presumably monogrammed, and purchased from an arrogant haberdasher) used to wipe the residual ca-ca from one's taint -- the ferocious terrain situated between the underside of one's testicles and the crest of one's anus. The derivative object taintkerchief is specifically useful when targeting the rogue ca-ca difficult to snare via the usage of conventional toilet tissue. Individuals resembling taintkerchiefs are ineffectual twits or peons...often chronic douche fortresses who overutilize terms like "bro," "bra," or "broheim" and/or post too many useless status updates on social networking sites.
Agatha, as per the usual, was behaving like a complete and utter taintkerchief -- so I took it upon myself to ruin her bulbous cranium with a waffle iron.
by PooManChoo April 26, 2009
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