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An individual who strongly resembles a kerchief (presumably monogrammed, and purchased from an arrogant haberdasher) used to wipe the residual ca-ca from one's taint -- the ferocious terrain situated between the underside of one's testicles and the crest of one's anus. The derivative object taintkerchief is specifically useful when targeting the rogue ca-ca difficult to snare via the usage of conventional toilet tissue. Individuals resembling taintkerchiefs are ineffectual twits or peons...often chronic douche fortresses who overutilize terms like "bro," "bra," or "broheim" and/or post too many useless status updates on social networking sites.
Agatha, as per the usual, was behaving like a complete and utter taintkerchief -- so I took it upon myself to ruin her bulbous cranium with a waffle iron.
by PooManChoo April 26, 2009

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A slimy goon or meathead who either:

1) Aggressively scams on, or molests a poor unassuming lass
2) Subversively plots to scam on, molest, or otherwise bother a poor unassuming lass

Synonyms: Creep, scumbag, slimeball, dirtbag, scuzzbag

- The guy with slimy hair, a toothpick, and a wife beater who whistles at chicks on a street corner, whilest sitting on a milk crate.

- The guy who grabs chicks' derrieres on a crowded subway train and then looks elsewhere to place blame

- The guy who lurks outside the local community college, manually pleasuring himself to visions of passing co-eds, within the sagging pockets of his dungarees.
Golly gosh, Thor is a complete and utter sceevatz! That unconscionable creep will not stop putting his hands all over poor Persephone, even though she has repeatedly voiced her displeasure with said acts.
by PooManChoo September 17, 2009

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