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While on your hands and knees, a chick (or a dude) sucks your dick from the back.
Last night I was fixing the garbage disposal, and katie totally tailhooked me.
by kingtron June 05, 2011
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Jet with hook used on short runways (aircraft carrier )
COD: tail hook down or wave off! Navy wave comes in nite call duty sir!. can do sir!
COD: Keep the birds in the air this will only take 10 mim.

COD = Chief of flight Deck
by itichie_nocanpo July 02, 2006
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While you're taking a shit and suddenly get hard. Your dick has nowhere to go and keeps getting stuck on the front of the toilet like a tailhook catches a plane on an aircraft carrier.
"Man, I was sitting down taking a shit and thinking of this hot ass girl from work and totally popped a tailhook!"

"Don't ever poopsterbate, cuz then you'll have to deal with that tailhook"

poopsterbate rusty tailhook mudflap
by Slothy11 April 10, 2014
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